Friday, August 7, 2015

What did YOU learn today?

"Dear Journal. You know we have a challenging relationship. I want to be better about documenting things that occur each day; however, sometimes my days make me forget about my commitment to you."

Does anyone else feel this way? I bought a really nice Moleskine journal to motivate me to take a few moments each day to reflect, but I do not always get around to it. When I do make the time, I enjoy going back to relive experiences and memories. I want a record of experiences to learn from and remember.

Since it was clear to me that longer, expository journaling clearly was not my thing, I turned to some journaling research and found some examples of non-traditional methods. One of these is sure to strike your fancy.  It is because of this that I created a simple version for school using Google Forms. In my Outlook reminders, I have an alarm set for 3:30pm each day. In this alarm is a link to click on taking me to this ...

It is the proverbial mom and dad question; however, as I teach students each day I do not always reflect on the ways in which I HAVE LEARNED that day. There are hundreds of opportunities to try educational theories and ideas in class, but not always a mechanism to record them. Similarly, pivotal events should be documented as well as long-term initiatives that are chipped away at each day.

Jot down a sentence, paragraph or something longer about how teaching changed you that day.

I hope you will take a few moments to create this framework for yourself. You will enjoy reading back through your career.

So ... take the challenge to professionally journal, by asking yourself ...

What did YOU learn today?

For your consideration,
Kevin Dengel