Sunday, November 10, 2013

PLN Resources and Noteflight Reaction

Noteflight Shared Score: 
Bicycle Built for Two (Dacre)

I grew up with "Save and Save often" when it came to computers and word processing. However, many web-based platforms (e.g., Google Docs) and Finale and Sibelius auto-save files with each new revision. When opening a new file in Noteflight, I saw a bar at the bottom of the page that I assumed was one such auto-save feature. As a result ... I did not save anything throughout the data input. I was nearly completed, all that remained was adding the dynamic in measure one and "Moderate Waltz Tempo", when this happened ... 
Travis Zinnel shard Study Boost this week on his blog. Since our district is encouraging digital citizenship and consequently the issues related to effective use of technology, Study Boost is a way for educators to link students' PED (Personal Electronic Device) to learning. Teachers can create quizzes for students to hone their knowledge: perfect before semester or final exams - or periodic assessments throughout the year. 
When it comes to what (school and community based) music does for the brain, Dr. Nina Kraus is leading the way. A tremendous and important article written by Lori Miller Kase and posted on the Atlantic website highlights research on the benefits music-making has on students. As a music teacher: it's not surprising - we've known this stuff for years :) But now we have longitudinal research data to prove our "hunches" 

I am not entirely sure what happened, but the internet window froze. As a result, I lost everything and had to start over again. Besides that minor... OK, major set-back, I think Noteflight is a great free resource for students to begin experimenting, sharing and collaborating with friends. Noteflight combines composition with elements of social media, to make the experience more dynamic. It is definitely a platform I will share with students. As a Finale user, I thought it was a bit cumbersome. I was wrongly-expecting some similar key commands that would have made note entry a bit faster; however, what a fantastic option for schools and districts that do not have the funds to purchase the pricey notation software currently on the market. 

One the greatest benefits of social media (blogs, twitter, facebook, etc.) is to share professional resources. Below are a few I have found most interesting this time around.

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